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40 reason why you don’t need antivirus

With all the work that Jack I.T has been doing lately cleaning virus and spyware infected computers I am always on the lookout for new tools to either make the process easier or to ensure that the machines are as clean as possible. Jack I.T recently started using EMSI Soft Anti-malware as a final check of the system cleanliness before returning it to the client. ¬†Which brings me to the title of the post, EMSI Soft have a blog here¬†with 40 reasons why you don’t need antivirus, this is a good read on why technicians like Jack I.T recommend AV under all circumstances.

While and Antivirus program will not pick up every potential problem they are a great place to start, follow that up with a little knowledge regarding scam emails and paying attention when installing programs for extra programs, usually search bars that increase the likely hood of getting more junk on your computer.


Here is the full link if the above doesn’t work

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