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Data recovery on a timeline

Jack IT had a productive night with a call at 5pm yesterday from a new client who had managed to delete their entire mailbox archive from Outlook with no backup more recent than March.  We jumped to action and had the machine open with drive removed looking like a patient who was half-way through surgery and the drive in a second computer to allow non-destructive restoration to begin.  To give you an idea of the timeline of a restoration here is the basic run-down.

  • Remove drive and clone disk. (1hr)
  • Start recovery tools on fast check, with restoration of possible files. (1-2hrs)
  • Check recovered files with no luck due to corruption. (30 minutes)
  • Start full scan and recovery. (4 hrs+)
  • Recover all related files and folders (1 hr)
  • Test files. (1 hr, about midnight by here)
  • Convert recovered files to a usable state, this often does result in some loss of data depending on the amount of corruption. (2 hrs)
  • View converted files. (30 minutes)
  • Re-install hard drive and test machine still boots. ( due to the scanning process the boot partitions can be modified and repairs needed on occasion. 15 minutes)
  • Copy restored files to external media. (30 minutes, done the next morning after a 2am finish)
  • Return to client and get them to check data is consistent. (1 hr, this process can be hit and miss, I have recovered gigabytes of data to find that there are no relevant files)
  • Ensure that client has working backup system to ensure that the mistake is not repeated.

This is the closest Jack IT has needed to go to an all-nighter this year to ensure business continuity and we will do anything in our power to ensure you are running in the shortest time possible.

Jack IT recommends a couple of tools to help complete this work:

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for the initial and deep scans
  • Stellar OST to PST Converter to recover corrupted OST files and extract any usable information.
  • AOMEI Backupper Professional Edition, brilliant fast backup software.  Great for cloning drives and just accessing backed up data.

Jack IT uses paid versions of all this software as part of my toolkit, thought it can add up finding great tools is well worth paying for.

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2 Responses to “Data recovery on a timeline”

By Keena - 7 December 2015 - Reply

Hi Pete, I usually like EaseUS products. They have awesome partition programs and overall have some great products. Their Data Recovery Wizard program is not one of their best products. While it is easy to use and does do a nice job, it isn’t as good as Recover My Files or Remo Recover Pro.

By pete - 7 December 2015 - Reply

Hi Keena,

I have been pretty happy with EaseUS too, I have been using the Partition Master for migrating Windows 10 installs from HDD’s to SSD’s with success, due to the number of partitions on some of these OEM installs they have not been working with software I was previously able to use.

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